The American Physical Therapy Association is Offering Telehealth and Other Online Courses


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The APTA is offering online courses related to telehealth and school-based therapy. Some are FREE and open to non-members; others are open for free to members and at nominal cost to non-members. Links are listed below:

Open FREE to Non-Members and Members:

Implementing Telehealth in Your Practice STAT: Practical Guidance From Experienced Telehealth PTs  NEW | FREE to all; no CEUs

HIPAA and TelehealthFREE to all


Interprofessional Practices (IPP) in School-based Setting: Why It's importantNEW | FREE to all


Well-Being: Your Career Depends on ItFREE to all

Courses that are FREE to Members and at nominal cost to Non-members: 

Digital Telehealth Practice - Connect for Best Practice, Compliance, and HealthcareNEW | FREE to members   April 7 | 2-3 p.m. ET   Flipped classroom format; prerecording will be available on April 3 for review.


Increasing Physical Therapist Acceptance of TelehealthNEW | FREE to members



For access to more courses, go to APTA Learning Center






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