Tips for GETTING ORGANIZED at the start of the school year | School-Based Therapy


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Denice Tucker, OTR
Manager, School-Based Therapy Services, HCDE
·         Print a map of the district from the district website to locate schools.
·         Collect your student "folders" so you have needed information about each of 
           your students. These may be digital folders. Or if your district still uses
           paper (“soft”) folders, collect them ​and find out where they are securely stored.
·         Review ARD/IEP information (are current copies of goals and objectives,        
           accommodations/modifications, and services page in your student folder?). 
·         Determine ARDed service (time, frequency, duration) and check to make sure
           service time in your records matches that on the service page in the IEP.
·         If you are a PT, check to make sure the medical referrals for your students are up to date.
·         Familiarize yourself with the student’s current IEP.
·         Meet principals, office staff, diagnosticians, and ARD chairperson at your schools and
           provide them with your contact information.
·         Meet/e-mail teachers and find out their schedules; find out when the student is doing
           the activity the activity that the IEP is addressing; give them your contact information.
·         Organize a personal system to manage documentation, such as a notebook with
           student attendance, progress notes, and IEP objectives.
·         Locate resources and test materials in your district.
·         Observe your assigned students in the classroom.
·         Think through intervention strategies and decide how to serve students in context by
           embedding strategies; write an intervention plan. If needed, write a plan for your OTA
           or PTA.
·         Pick up referrals that pertain to your schools and know the process to proceed.
·         Identify district procedures for securing parent consent.
·         Ask about the flow of documentation in your district.
·         Determine how and where to obtain needed equipment. 





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Denice Tucker, OTR, manager, school-based therapy services, HCDE


​Tips to get organized at the start of the school year.

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